Course: International Business (MSc)

NFL Team: Kansas City Chiefs

I am so excited to be president this year! We are going to be hitting the ground running by continuing our great recruitment and applying our family mentality through all this season as we battle for the division 2 title. This year will be different for sure, with what is going on at the moment, but this just means that even more enthusiasm and energy will be brought into our team. Let's go Chargers!


Ben Rogers

Vice President

Course: American Studies (BA)

NFL Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

I'm looking forward to getting back to being fully involved with the team after a year away. This year looks promising with a great bunch of guys making up a great community with a family-feel. Both on and off the field is bound to be a success as we follow on the work from previous years.

Dom Pascall

Social Secretary

Course: Sport & Exercise Science (BSc)

NFL Team: Seattle Seahawks

I'm buzzing for the start of the next season! We were SO good throughout this season and even though we didn't achieve what we set out to do, we are 1% away from doing amazing things and I am so excited to be a part of that journey. I plan on making the C4 Chargers the team to join and the team everyone wants to be part of.

Screenshot 2020-09-29 at 03.42.27.png

Danny Delaney

Social Secretary

Course: Policing (BSc)

NFL Team: Philadelphia Eagles

I can't wait to get started next term as a social sec for the team. I hope I can make Wednesday nights for the next year the best they can be. Myself and Dom have big plans for what's coming and I know you won't be disappointed.

Dan Rich

Wellbeing Officer

Course: Diagnostic Radiography (BSc)

NFL Team: Green Bay Packers

I suck at mini bios but I cant wait to get back to playing alongside everyone and working alongside the committee to create a comeback season.

Tom Athene


Course: Geography (BSc)

NFL Team: New York Jets

I'm very excited to start the new season with the Chargers with the hope of building and improving on last year. I hope to be a senior member within the team, whilst also helping to bring new players onboard. As my role of treasurer, I will look for new sponsorship opportunities for the team, to broaden our fanbase and help the committee anyway I can.


Mac Rees-Hinton

Charity & Events Officer

Course: History (BA)

NFL Team: New England Patriots

Being on committee is a great honour to me as I have so much love for the Chargers. I am so grateful to be serving my second term as charity and events officer as it means I can continue to raise money for our team and most importantly, I can help contribute to raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust. 

Fred Forster

Social Media Officer

Course: Computer Science (BSc)

NFL Team: Baltimore Ravens

I am incredibly excited to start the new season and really get stuck into my role with our new committee. My plan for the role is to uphold the same high-quality content that the Chargers have come to expect from their media officer, whilst adding my own touch as I become more accustomed to the role. I look forward to taking the reigns and showing the C4 community what I can bring to the table.

Alex Peden

Game Day Manager

Course: American Studies (MA)

NFL Team: Carolina Panthers

*Bio Pending*